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Porto Pino

When you arrive in the resort town of Portopino the first thing one would like to see is certainly the sea. And how not to agree with this "urgencies." Portopino is like a painting in bright, vibrant colors that infuse serenity, joy and a great desire to get inside to enjoy so much wonder. Portopino with its crystalline sea of ​​a thousand shades of turquoise, emerald and deep blue, with its gold and silver reflections on the subtle and white sand, that the dawn of time along with the succession of the winds of Maestrale, Scirocco and Libeccio give life to one splendid dune system among the most beautiful in Europe, is a different spectacle each day. Wonderful and welcoming in spring and summer, numb and gentle autumn, impetuous and wild in winter, is an emotion that keeps growing and does not abandon us even when it is far away from our eyes. Will for its colors, its smells, its sounds or its silences and its young inhabitants aquatic and forest that create the magic but not fall in love with this beautiful resort is really difficult. For those who still there was not must not miss the opportunity to visit its beaches, coves and cliffs; make a picnic or a jog in the shadow of its lovely pines, make rejuvenating aromatherapy with the scents of the sea, mastic, juniper and myrtle for a full of energy and with the delicate scents of the sea bindweed, Lavender wildlife and the sea lily to relax and find inner peace. For a while 'music therapy is recommended to leave at home the i-pod and listen only good local music: the sweet sound of the surf and the breeze along with the singing of seagulls and kingfishers are an excellent foundation for those who want to stay in shape and practice yoga and pilates but if you have a rock soul the noise of waves against the cliffs of Candiani or Portopinetto are ideal. Trepidation increase, we know, so stay tuned and visit the pages dedicated to the wonders of Portopino. The dream of your holiday starts now and is carried with us.

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The Porto Pino Beaches

Porto Pino gives you the freedom to choose the best beach with the wind blowing and the preference for a crowded beach and well served, or for a more intimate and not crowded. Still you can choose according to preference for sandy beaches and shallow waters, really suitable for families with small children, or rocky coves and cliffs if you are diving and tranquility lovers. The first shoreline that is coming to Portopino is a long strip of sand just over 3.5 km which is distinguished in three different beaches: First Beach, Second Beach and Dune Beach. The First Beach is located in the immediacy of the marina parking lot and it is certainly the most popular and equipped with various facilities such as kiosks and shading and public baths. The sand is very fine and is suitable for children to play also because of its calm waters from the waters. Second Beach, certainly more beautiful because less traveled, it is a long stretch of white sand and behind a beautiful pine forest of Aleppo pine separates the blue sea by the beautiful turquoise color behind the ponds. It is separated from the first beach from the old pier and a small channel that allows the exchange of water between the ponds and the sea. Its shoreline is like a casket containing small fragments of coral that give a beautiful pink tinge. While for the entire beach it will not be unusual to find a multitude of shells. As in the first beach, you can take advantage of different services such as shading, kiosks, rental of sports equipment and leisure, inflatable games and animation on the beach never fails. To reach it you have to go for the Before the beach and it takes really only a few minutes' walk. The third tunnel, served by a kiosk and a shading, is the beach of the dunes for which we have reserved a special section entirely dedicated to its beauty. The resort of Portopino is waiting to be discovered, and shortly after his entrance, past the intersection that leads to the marina and continue until the first dirt road on the right that runs along some houses and a dense pine forest of Aleppo pines. On this street you will find some open spaces that allow parking of your vehicle. The advice is to immerse yourself in the pine forest, and let yourself be guided by instinct that will guide you to the sea. The color intensity is almost blinding. In front of you on the waterfront by the brilliant turquoise will welcome you and drag you down from the pine forest to discover the coves of Portopinetto, known to locals as Portopineddu. fine sand is mixed with small fragments of coral and shells that give a pinkish color to the shore, forming small beaches interspersed with rocks in soft ground tones. On the horizon appears the island of Sant'Antioco and the two islands of Vacca and Toro, which for their beauty are also worth a visit by sea and by land. The succession to the northwest of Portopineddu coves lead us up to a whole Sulcis of pearls, the small beach of the French. Last sandy cove of Portopino coast, is a jewel of nature with his sand as fine as talcum powder, with its characteristic pink color of the shore. The framed by the melts and the Mediterranean that protect it from the Mistral wind and crystal clear sea that gives an even more sophisticated charm. Moving away about 2 km from Portopino, still heading northwest, and taking first the road and then a dirt road, we come to another beautiful beach of the town of Sant'Anna Arresi, Porto de Su Trigu. It maintains the same characteristics of all the beaches of Portopino, offering enchanting scenery not only for bathing but also for divers who like to delight the wonders of the underwater world. The special feature of this beach is that very susceptible to winds and storm surges, so it will not be unusual game of hide and seek that is repeated with an inaccurate rhythm. Sometimes there is and it shows in all its splendor and sometimes hides leaving "only" the beauty of the reef. Punta Menga is a beautiful forest that protects from the wind Scirocco the coves of Portopinetto and the winds of the Mistral Candiani cliff and the beautiful Cave of Kisses. The latter are the ideal setting for diving enthusiasts for the wide variety of marine environments and are the ideal place to protect themselves from the heat of the peak times for swimmers who like to stay in quiet areas and far from the crowd. After the junction of the harbor go straight to the beginning of a fairly wide dirt road. Take it and go up to the refreshment point. To the left as you leave the car, you get to the Candiani cliff while continuing the climb after the bar will take you up to the forts which was dedicated a space to itself.

The Porto Pino Sand Dune

Dune Portopino

Once in the marina of Portopino or to the first beach, in front of us turning our gaze slightly to the left, there will appear a unique and truly impressive landscape. It's Dunes Portopino, also known under the name White Sands. They are located to the south, at the end of the pine forest of Aleppo pine and within the military zone of Capo Teulada. It extends like a small white desert for about 800 meters and access is allowed only in the summer time although it would be better not to step on them for not offending the delicate balance. They are a rare beauty sandy system again at sunset offer scenic shadow games thanks to the presence of juniper from the sometimes harmonious shapes as if they were called in a sinuous dance, sometimes bizarre as if they were Bulgarians contortionists. The stretch of sea that opens in front of their beauty is a tribute to the palette of a painter who likes to mix colors in different variations of blue, turquoise and emerald. Another feature is the transparency of the water that leaves admire a backdrop from the silver sand and where the sea becomes deeper you can see a little rocky bottom, where it is not difficult to see some herd of fish from the many varieties, sea urchins and the beautiful starfish. Reach the dunes of the beach from our hotel is very simple because the entrance to the dirt road leading to it is a few meters from the road leading into the structure. Once back on the asphalt road, you have to turn left in direction of Sant'Anna Arresi and after a few meters on the right you have to turn into a dirt road that runs along the ponds and leading up to the bridge that allows the channel passage separates the second beach area from that of Dune. If you find yourself in the first Portopino beach, a pleasant walk along the sea will take you up to the majestic dunes in just over 10 minutes. An invigorating walk to do really in all seasons but if you want to dedicate a moment of romance, the sunrises and the summer sunsets are the perfect time for an unforgettable walk.

The Lagoons of Porto Pino

Before you even get to the tourist resort of Porto Pino, to the right of the road, for those coming from Carbonia, you can admire the rolling hills and beautiful countryside that form the backdrop to one of the quite ponds that are part of a much more wetland major directly related to Saline di Santa Caterina. It is of Maestrale ponds, Is Brebeis, Porto Pino, the Raven and Foxi. It's a very rich and famous wetland for the presence of beautiful and characteristic pink flamingos in the less frequented periods man here take home and color of white and pink the lagoon area. But others are friends of wild birds that may be encountered such as cormorants, egrets, kingfishers and the little sandpiper. The scenery is beautiful and in the spring it is a haven for birdwatchers, the walking, riding or cycling. The kingdom of relax and think that everything is just a few meters from our hotel which is located in an optimal position for many beautiful walks in the countryside. Often the ponds are so calm that it seems the mirrors where you reflect giving new designs, rolling hills, vineyards and Mediterranean scrub. A show or the faint of fiery sunrises and sunsets, not to be missed.

The Pinewoods of Porto Pino

Chromium plating of Porto Pino coast is a constant surprise. We are excited for the brilliance of the crystal-clear sea and white sand. Combinations of colors seem chosen with skill by someone up there has really good taste. Even the pine forests that surround the beaches, coves and cliffs are a brilliance and unmatched intensity. The pine forest of Portopino, to Portopinetto and finally that of Candiani is home of Aleppo pine, grew up in this area in a spontaneous and characterized by a very bright green needles and pine cones from tree trunks and silvery shades. The play of light created by the sun is stunning and makes it even more magnetic. To the west of the first beach Pinewood Candiani extends to the Punta Menga cliff. The Portopino pine forests have a vital role in preserving the delicate balance of the dune system that runs along the beaches and coves of the whole area and also hosts a variety of animal breeds such as the wild rabbit, the Sardinian hare and fox to name a few and several species of birds.

The Porto Marina Pino

More than a tourist port is a tube that connects the lagoon to the sea allowing it to stay alive and not stagnant. In recent years it has been subject to redevelopment, who offered him a new look that made it even more quaint, cozy and enjoyable. Offers more than 30 years as a safe haven to about a hundred boats from fishing boats and fishing vessels and from here all the major tours by boat and raft that leave the visitor speechless with amazement that comes in admiring the coast of Porto Pino also from the sea. Along its banks are several cafes including bars, pizzerias, restaurants, often with nightly entertainment and craft stalls and not that make a nice walk in the hot summers arresine.

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